Weeknotes S06: Trailer

A new season already?

Yes. I was offered a new role and it seemed like way too good an opportunity to pass up.

I’ve noticed in my weeknotes that I’ve not been talking about what I do day-to-day. Instead I’ve been focussing more about how I feel, and talking around what’s happening rather than addressing it directly.

I’m think I’m doing it because weeknoting about what I’m doing would confer the awesome power of communicating it publicly. With that power comes the great responsibility of doing it thoughtfully, with consideration to all of the other moving parts that rotate around my corner of the world. Working in teams where those moving parts are complex galaxies of their own gives me pause. Now as an existentialist[mfn]I see you roll your eyes[/mfn] this feels like living in bad faith. Do I truly think everyone should act in this way? Don’t I believe in openness?

The standard answer, of course, is that things are complicated. And this might be true, but it might also be a way of escaping the responsibility of making a decision.

Nonetheless, at least for the next season, there’s not a lot of work stuff that I’m going to be able to talk about. I’m going to try other things, including some creative bits and pieces, but I suspect there will be less blogging from me in these coming months – or, if I keep it up, it’ll be unfocussed writing.

Culture is the good that you celebrate and the ill that you tolerate

My friend Jenny wrote a big piece this weekend about being at a hen do. I’ve never been to a hen do, which I understand is the point of the thing. In it she makes some great points about what we choose to celebrate and how we do it.

I’m going to try to build on what I’ve taken from it, which centers around culture, capitalism, and the slow development of rights outside the mainstream. It’s a braindump, but maybe someone cleverer than me will draw out what I’m trying to say.

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I saw someone who is fast becoming my favourite comedian this weekend and I want to talk about the show. There are serious spoilers for Savage, Alice’s first show, and some discussion of death. This isn’t trying to be a review: my review of her show is: it’s great, and it won’t be for everyone, but I think you should see it anyway. This is more in the way of trying to work out, for myself, why it’s so good. If you want to listen to the show first, so it’s not spoiled for you, you can.

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