S03E06: Settling in

This week has been reasonably quiet as I bed myself into my new team. However, there have been a few developments. Let’s talk about those.

1Something funny first: a startup with the same name as my ex has put adverts on a bus that goes past my office as I leave the building.

If this were a film, the audience would be absolutely livid at the sheer heavy-handedness of the director. Unfortunately this is not a movie; this is real life. Coincidences happen and hearts break and, well, not everything works out in the end.

It’s a funny story though.

Funny, but sad, but funny

2I have a date for an interview. Actually, I’ve got a date for two. The first is the development programme my organisation offers. They ran a session to prep us for the interview, and it was all going well until I asked — half-jokingly — if senior leaders wear jeans.⁰

The reaction was almost visceral: apparently, they don’t. But the worst thing was that the person next to me said, “Oh sure, it would be nice if we could bring our whole selves to work…” and then tailed off.

The heck with that. If I’m going to be a leader, everyone I’m leading gets to bring their whole self to work. I’m torn, though. I can play the stupid game and cosplay as Office Guy™, if that’s what’s required to help them perceive me as a leader. On the other hand, do I lack integrity?

Is it better to do the pragmatic and uncomfortable thing, or the idealistic but (perhaps) less successful thing?¹

The other interview is for a job I applied for ages ago. It’s a level transfer to a different department, doing something completely different. I’m pretty happy where I am, but I’m still going to the interview. I’m trying to work out why. I don’t know what I’d do if someone offered me that job, and that’s annoying as well.²

A man holds a balloon that’s filling with coca-cola. It might not be a balloon.

3My new team is really nice. It’s been going a while though, and so I’m still desperately trying to get up to speed on the acres of work. It’s also in a different language to the one I was working on last week, so it’s taking a little while to get back up to speed and shift my mindset back onto a Pythonic way of doing things.

At the same time, I’m writing up a couple of pages to brief someone on the Secret Project. I’m aiming to get it finished soon; I’m worried I’m wildly overdoing it and should get some feedback on it soon. Part of my problem is not having clearly defined user needs, but I guess that’s why the feedback loop needs to be tighter. The lead time is enormous though, because this senior stakeholder is so incredibly busy. It’s like trying to turn an oil tanker; actions I take now might not feedback to me for weeks.

So I’ve bitten the bullet and sent it. More on this as we get it.

4That’s actually all this week. Since you’re all getting off early, you should go and read these weeknotes because they’re much more interesting:


⁰ They do, because I can see one from where I’m sitting

¹ This question of whether it’s better to be on the inside of the outside is definitely playing on my mind at the moment because of reasons

² More and more as I write this I’m more aware that I’m not as settled in my mind as I’d like to be. I’m still trying to get away from something, but since that’s me, moving around won’t help

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