S03E09: and now we wait

I had an interview this week for a place on our internal development scheme for senior managers, because that’s what I am.⁰ I’m really excited to find out how it went, which is bad news for me — because I’m not going to find out until mid-December.¹

At the same time, I’ve managed to seize an hour of time with the senior person I need to talk to about the Project, but that won’t be until the week after next. If nothing else, it’ll be good to get feedback on whether the swardley map I put in has had the desired outcome.²

Oh, but at least I’ve got code to write. That’s a genuine pleasure, and even more so now that I’ve collected a mentee who wants to learn. She’s working on a project that’s enormously close to my heart, and it’s an opportunity for me to teach what I love. It’s a complex, interesting problem and coding is itself a weird quasi-art form, so there’s going to be plenty of challenge.

Before one codes, of course, one has to install a bazillion libraries.³

Cookie monster drumming its fingers on the table

This week has been a very good, very gentle kind of week. Wednesday was the most meeting-heavy week, but at least an hour of that was because I went to One Team Gov breakfast. I’ve been plugging away at a new GDPR-flavoured feature and it’s a doozy, but I’ve finally mostly finished. I got some really great feedback and a chance to pair with my senior on it, so all in all it’s been a really good week.

Hum. That feels a bit dull really. This weekend I was at Open Data Camp which was at my old university, so I went on a massive illustrated trip down memory lane. It starts here, if you’d like to read more:

The university’s representative is an old friend of mine, and I’ve volunteered myself to come up and talk to students about the importance of squishy human-ness to software development.

I also appear to have volunteered myself, over the course of the day, to give a TED talk on topographical intelligence. I was not expecting the weekend to go like this, but go like this it has and go with it I shall.

That — alongside some very nice compliments⁴ from people who found themselves in an impromptu mapping session with me — has kicked me into writing more of the Book, along with thinking about how I’d present it as a talk without just nicking all swardley’s slides and regurgitating his keynote from Google and oh god what have I got myself in for.⁵

After a day like that everyone else went and extroverted⁶ in the pub, but I couldn’t bear to do any more talking so headed back to my hotel for a steak and an evening of writing. And here’s its culmination.

How incredibly meta that is.

⁰ An accident, I assure you, but a happy one
¹ Cue the finger twiddling.
² Still, it’s a while away. Back to the twiddling.
³ Wow, these fingers are going to be twiddling champs before much longer.
⁴ “I‘ve never seen anyone but Simon present it with such a focus”
⁵ I’ve just fear-written a thousand words, although the swearing is probably going to have to come out
⁶ and bled, poor Jamie!

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