Weeknotes S03E14: Wipeout

Watch in wonder as his sleeping pattern disintegrates!

We made it folks. This is it. The solstice. The days will get longer from here and the night will retreat.

I have violently overdone it this week. Come with me on this journey of self-discovery.

On Monday I started the last week with my current team. Next week I’ll go back to my old team, which used to be my old team. My current team is my old team; that is to say, the team that was old before my old team was my current team.

I hope that’s clear.


The day was fairly intense work, and in the evening I had a date. It seemed to go well. I also spent a lot of energy on being nervous before and after, so that did not set me up well for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday there was:

  • a special meeting with our programme directors
  • one of my team’s Christmas lunches
  • drinks with colleagues
  • drinks with friends
  • another date (I am really, really not very clever)

So by Wednesday I was fairly broken. I therefore did what any normal person would do and joined the final One Team Gov breakfast at 0830 and mentored some individuals at codebar until 2100.

Obviously. Obviously this was the sensible thing to do.


I woke up on Thursday tired in every bone. I turned off all my alarms. I fed the cat in a fugue state. I fell back into bed and slept for another two hours and still woke up groggy. I went back to bed at 7 and slept until 11, when my growling stomach and growling cat combined to wake me up. I made the latest cheesy pasta that’s ever been made, ate almost all of it, fell immediately back into bed and woke today feeling, if not refreshed, at least human.

There is a lesson for me here, and that lesson has been learned so many times that I’m embarrassed that I still don’t know when to chill the fork out.


With that being said, good things have happened; are happening; will happening. I went on a date with another human. I’ve been pairing a lot with someone at work and we wrote some cool code and fixed some problems.

I went over to the London Borough of Hackney and facilitated a swardley mapping workshop. I really enjoy facilitating and giving other people the tools to build their strategy effectively. All the attendees said kind things and since I never retweet praise I’m going to put it here. Huge thanks to Cate McLaurin for organising both a compelling workshop and absurdly good cake.

(Also, I think my somewhat-above-me boss discovered who I am on the Twitters, so that can only end well)

If you’re wondering about strategy and would like my help facilitating a workshop like this…I honestly don’t know how we’ll manage it. But I would absolutely love to, so get in touch and let’s make it happen.

I had a great meeting with my line manager where we discussed career aspirations. I’m still waiting for feedback from the Future Leaders Scheme, but in the meantime I am reasonably confident that I should be aiming for a more senior position within the next year. I’m just going to keep pushing upwards and finding new and interesting problems. As above, if you have a new and interesting problem (or even an old and interesting problem) please say hello. I like interesting problems.

Finally: it’s Christmas. This has been quite a year for me. There’s a retrospective in the works, as well as a proper write-up of the OneTeamGov breakfast that happened on Wednesday. For now though, I’ll be working all the way through the holidays. I hope you’re well, and I hope to see you soon.

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