Weeknotes S03E15: Break

Everything is in motion and relative to everything else. Don’t think about that too hard

Overarching feeling of the week:


Based on previous experience this feeling will persist until at least April.

This week (although is it even a week? It feels like it’s lasted all year⁰) saw me get into an extremely frank discussion with a colleague. I don’t mind these kinds of discussions because I see them as fruitful, but I was reminded again that I can come across as frank or even fairly brutal. The flipside of this is that writing code is like writing anything, in that you put something of yourself into it and so any critique becomes a critique of you. I’ve talked about being on the receiving end of this, and to my shame I ignored all the positive suggestions I’d made for people reviewing.

I am going to get better at this, if only so that people are less likely to think of me as a giant tosspot with aggressive opinions and no sense of personal space.¹


I updated my side project this week. It’s now using one of the GDS registers to feed data into a system, which means that I don’t need to build a database into it. This is a Good Thing in theory, because it means the data will always be up to date, although it’s going to cause problems in the future. Luckily, that’s future me’s problem.

Man, I don’t envy that guy.

Just doing it and putting it on twitter has raised my profile. I even saw it get shared on our internal slack. I suspect the person sharing it didn’t realise I also worked there and probably had a minor panic when I rocked up to say hello.

I have mixed feelings about this side project. I don’t think it’s a good side project, because it’s not atomic — it relies on other moving parts that I don’t have access to at the moment.

That sounds mysterious, but it boils down to “People are busy, too busy for my personal side project.”


I had a second date, and let me tell you it is weird. I’m channelling my inner Scrooge, but I have literally no idea what I’m doing. I’m only partly rescued by my repeated mantra: nobody knows what they’re doing. I think, broadly speaking, it is going well. It is going slowly. It is going slowly on purpose, because I am carrying baggage. There are times when I very suddenly bump into a feeling that is confused because it’s very similar to a feeling I had about my ex. Is this a new feeling? Is this an old feeling that parasitically seeks a new host so that it can survive even when it doesn’t belong?


Because love is a mix of physical, immediate attraction that comes from the way the other person fits into your life² but also all the feelings that grow through shared experience. They grow, like the man says,

Like a flower
Or a mushroom
Or a guinea pig
Or a vine
Or a sponge
Or bigotry
…or a banana

And love is made more powerful
By the ongoing drama of shared experience
And synergy, and symbiotic empathy, or something
 — Tim Minchin: If I Didn’t Have You

Anyway. I am an ongoing and eternal emotional mess, and this is good because it’s a reminder I am terrifyingly alive and still doggedly clinging to the skin of this blue marble as it hurtles around the Sun.³

Project Flat rumbles on, derailed only slightly by the holiday period. By the end of next week I shall hopefully know whether I have been authorised to spend more money in one go that I’ve ever spent before, and I’m now so sick of the entire process that if it fails I shall decamp and live in a yurt.

No, I’m kidding. I’ll move to Canada.


⁰ Bam, Dad joke straight out the gate. Starting 2019 as I mean to go on
¹ Boy, let me tell you about those guys
² Fits into your life along the cultural norms you’ve grown up with, or even actively rejected and therefore fits into your counter-culture but still fundamentally fits into your worldview; like maybe you’re an atheist while your parents are religious and you’ve gone all counter-cultural and brought home an atheist partner but I bet my last pound that godless heathen has nice table manners and is sweet to your parents and doesn’t kill puppies and went to the same kind of school as you did and look the point I’m making is that love is at least three quarters cultural and even being counter-cultural is still aligned to your culture in the same way that the London-Brighton line is simultaneously and non-controversially the Brighton-London line.
³ It’s just done another lap, and rather pleasingly everyone in South Korea and Japan got a birthday. Isn’t that nice?

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