Weeknotes S03E23

I have done a lot of context switching this week and so I’m struggling to figure out what I actually did. Maybe it’ll become clear over the course of writing this.

This week I picked up the responsibility of championing the juniors community. I think it’ll be a really exciting opportunity to develop skills in managing more senior stakeholders and getting to grips with policy and business cases.

On Monday I had a meeting with my Head of Community. I mentioned that I’ve been casting around for more generalist skills and he suggested I pick up the juniors community. I met with the current champion and delivery manager and tried to work out what I could do to help it grow to the next level. There are certainly some things I could do on a lower level, but I worry that those are out of scope.

But, y’know. Scopes can be flexible.

I can be flexible, see, as long as everything is exactly the way I want

This week I’ve been asking for feedback from various people I work with. I used to just send a blast email asking for feedback, but that tends to lead to nice sentiments without thought. Now I write personalised emails and ask for feedback on specific things, and it tends to make the feedback more actionable. I’ve had three pieces so far, and I’m looking forward to turning it into a development plan for the next year.

That’s not to say I’ll just do whatever people think I need to do, because I don’t believe that’s a valuable way of using feedback. For example, I asked colleagues what they think I need to do to be a more effective developer. They’ve given thoughtful, critical, actionable feedback. That in turn helps me decide if that’s what I want to do. Knowing what needs to be done really helps with that decision-making process, because it converts an unknown space to a known one.

My brain hurts from that sentence

I know more happened. But as I sit here on Saturday morning I’m struggling to remember it. I’m going to make more of an effort next week to take more notes, but I strongly believe I’m struggling because I was context switching. I need to start carving out larger chunks of deep time for this work, rather than twenty minutes here or there.

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