S07E08: Here we go again

A new year is almost upon us. New objectives, new targets, a renewed sense of purpose. This week has been long, and it’s not completely finished. I’ve got one piece of work outstanding which I’ll need to finish early doors on Monday. Nevertheless, here we go.

I wrote about lockdown on Tuesday. My team was encouraged to reflect, and I did. Unfortunately it sent me into a bit of a spiral. The blog post I linked to is actually two distinct pieces of writing: one I did at about 2, feeling completely disheartened and broken, and one I did in the evening having eaten and had a bunch of cuddles. See if you can spot the join.

Some lovely people said lovely things about them, which isn’t really why I do this but is also a little bit why I do this. There’s a little pride and vanity in writing, at least for me, and I’m okay with it. Overall it’s been a good week for reflections. My wider directorate got together for a safe space discussion about the murder of Sarah Everard. I was reminded as always that I work with women who are strong and generous and put up with so much, so much absolute bullshit. There weren’t as many men present as I would have liked, because the problem is male violence against women and not ‘women’s safety’ or any similar weasel words that put the onus on the victim. We were reminded as men that ‘out there’ and ‘at work’ are actually inhabited by almost the same people, and if we want to make the streets safe for women we have to start with our male friends, our male colleagues, and our male family members. These conversations will be deeply uncomfortable and sometimes make us a bit anxious in case our words are met with violence.

Given that women feel like that most of the time, I hope we can find the courage to still do it.

I’m scoring responses to a tender we put out. There are some lessons to be learned from the exercise, and I’m excited to do a retro on it, because I think it’s something my team is going to be doing more of in the future. Small, tightly scoped problems and pieces of work are ideal for tendering. I also made some progress on the flotilla of strategies I’m trying to shepherd along through the narrow canal of my organisation’s approval process [that’s enough. Ed.]

Something something Ever Given.

There’s a hot take here about container ships and containers (the computer technology) but I’m not clever enough to write it.

I bought an exercise wheel for Salem some weeks back, and it arrived this week. We are making slow progress – he still needs to be enticed onto it, but we have got to a stage where he’ll get on and chase a treat for a couple of minutes before getting bored.

Given that I bought it because he’s getting chonky, and I’ve given him a lot of treats this week, we’ve actually gone backwards in terms of progress. Nonetheless I got some hashtag content out of it.

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