S09E06: Homeward bound

This week I wrote some HTML, updated some tests in Ruby, and started a business case.

This is not the balance I expected from my role, but it’s been exciting.

I also applied for a job that I don’t think I’m going to get, but that I couldn’t not apply to: it was just too perfect an opportunity.

Oh, and it’s Christmas. Merry Christmas!

I’ve been writing small commits as I update content on a site for educators to get support when they’re educating remotely. It’s not the most complex service I’ve worked on, and I honestly think I could further reduce what little complexity it has at the moment. But it is really nice to own something again, and to make the world a very small bit easier for citizens.

It’s also really nice to work closely with the policy person who owns this. I’ve set up the application so that content gets hot-reloaded, so she can see in real time how it will look. It’s more time intensive for both of us, but I think we get better outcomes.

I’m also writing a business case for some digital tools for the wider community. This is a totally different mindset, with long feedback loops and unclear requirements. You can’t do test-driven development with a business case. Instead, you’ve just got to write your most compelling argument and cross your fingers.

I really am so lucky to be able to do both in this job, even if it breaks my brain sometimes. Which brings me to the job I applied to: one where I get to do this permanently, for a department that uses my preferred language Python. I really don’t think I’ve got enough experience doing the job. In an ideal world that wouldn’t be a barrier, because people would look at my previous experience and hopefully recognise my potential – but here in the real world being able to do the job on day 1 and not painfully fuck it up is preferred. And that’s pragmatic and understandable, even if it’s a bit frustrating.

But given that this is the kind of role I want to do, and keep doing, I’m really hopeful that I’ll get an interview. That way I can identify areas I need to grow and be better placed to reapply in the future.

That’s it for this week. I’m enjoying my work, I’d love to do more of it, and I’m not doing it at all for the next four days. See you soon.

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