S10E05: what can I do but write

I am trying to sell my flat. I am anxious because we are not getting a lot of interest, and any interest we get is not interesting.

So I am going to try to sell you my flat. Because I have to do something to relieve these feelings.

Please come in. You can take off your shoes, if you like
pop them on the rack there. This came with me from my last place
and will likely come with me still. It knows how to hold shoes.

You will notice as you come in, the two lampshades. For the longest
time we did not have lampshades, and then I realised one day that I 
didn't need permission to buy lampshades and I did. You can buy lampshades too

(perhaps you will buy them in matching colours, but they were cheaper this way)

first: the bathroom. there is a socket for an electric shaver. it also accepts electric toothbrushes, which have been a revelation to me. I recommend them even if you are not going to buy my flat

Notice that the floor is shinier in parts. I walk and talk, talk and walk, and I walked a lot in this flat
I walked for hours from here to Moscow on the phone with someone equally as mad as me
who moved in four weeks after she said she'd visit for two weeks

There is a small stain on the wall here by the door, where I put my sweaty hand on the wall
because the cool wall felt good and solid, and good and solid is what you need sometimes

like times when your mother tells you that the dog you've loved since childhood suddenly can't get up, and in an act of love should be released from the pain

you will cry here and be in pain here. the walls will hold you here. the wind will scream with you here. you can sit on the balcony for as long as you like

speaking of, the views from the balcony are amazing. incredible sunsets and sunrises, guaranteed every day. my bamboo went from yellow to green here. i watched it for a year as it grew so slowly and so quickly that one day it was taller than me and i didn't realise it

from here you can see the park. I have done many laps of that park, at different times, at different speeds, and it is always different. the people are always different. the ice cream is always the same and it is delicious.

through here is the bedroom. this is where the mad woman who moved in with me four weeks after she said she'd visit for two weeks stuck a sign to the mattress we used for curtains. the sign said "nothing really mattress", and you've never seen someone fall in love so quickly

you can definitely fall in love here.

this is the great big space where we make coffee and dinner and fun of each other. it is large enough to do yoga when it's too cold on the balcony, and it is cosy enough to wrap yourself in a mug of coffee and watch someone do yoga on the balcony when it's so cold they need gloves and three layers. you might think that was too cold to do yoga, but you should try it when you're here

the heating is all underfloor. this makes it even more comfortable when you lie down in the middle of an argument. it is hard to argue with someone who is obstinately lying on the floor, and if you are lying on the floor to defuse an argument all the better to do it with a warm back

if you do choose to argue, there is room for a table and chairs as well as a couch, so that you can sit with knees touching and work out why you're arguing. It is hard to argue with your knees touching, but easy to get to the bottom of problems.

you can get better at love here

please check out the listing if you’re interested

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