I have not blogged in a long time. I have a grown-up job in a specialist field that I absolutely love, but it’s a stretch to imagine it’s the same for most people. I don’t know though – who wants to know about TOGAF? Merkle trees? Oooh, how about algorithms for NP-hard problems?


Yup. There goes my audience.

Of course I do other stuff too. I’m organising a conference with my colleagues; I’m going out to a university to encourage students to join the Civil Service; and I’m taking on a course called CS50x from Harvard University.

I’m quite excited about it, if only because the whole thing seems extremely zany. And if there’s one thing I like, it’s a bit of zane.


This was the first image that came up. I don’t get it.

It’s a free course and it’s taught by a man with apparently boundless energy and enthusiasm. It’s apparently a beginner computer science course, and although I’ve got some programming skills already I’m quite excited to try this out and get some of the basics under my belt.


Do not google “under my belt” with safesearch off. Just – just don’t.

So what I’m hoping to do is to work through at least one lecture every fortnight. If you’ve got the time or spoons to do it, and are interested, I’d love to have you along with me on this course. I’m going to be updating this blog with my thoughts on the course, my answers, and probably some insight into what I’m reading/doing/watching/absorbing through tentacles that extend from deep within my thorax.

This week, it’s Within The Wires, a series from Nightvale Presents. It’s a very creepy style and I highly recommend it. I’ll stick the first episode below. WARNING: VERY CREEPY. GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION OF A BUG, WHICH IS YOU.

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