S02E21: Long lived feature branch

My working life is in the open. What if that were true for everyone?

Getting feedback on one’s work is wonderful. Getting it in public, where anyone can see it (and chime in, if they feel so inclined), is a weird experience where my first instinct has been to hide. I’m still working out how to deal with it. It’s probably not practical, but a mischievous part of me wonders what the impact would be if policy colleagues published their work with critiques still visible…

Three things that happened this week

1Project Corporate Objective rattles onwards, delayed slightly by the rotating door of summer leave. I’ve put some estimates and ideas together, but this week my struggle has been around nemawashi. It’s a japanese word that means the informal, gentle, awareness-raising process that I’m trying to go through so that when it comes to the moment of truth, the foundations have been put in place. It is a better word than ‘socialising’, which is what we tend to use. This is all background: I’d like your help⁰ working out how high I should go when I do my nemawashi. As high as possible, risking ruffling feathers of those lower down? Or lower down first, and risk losing momentum? Or should it be lower, and then higher, and is that really what nemawashi means?

I’m also struggling massively with the unspoken stuff that people do a lot of. Speak your minds folks. It helps. (You’re not the worst)

2I’ve almost finished my first big feature. Soon — hopefully very soon — some magic words that I’ve written will make things happen for people in my office. It has been a really significant learning experience, and not solely due to the fact that it’s a new language to me. Working out how other developers like to work, and the interface and hand off between me and my frontend colleagues, is something quite novel. I’ve gotten into bad habits developing by myself. Working with other people is the only way to reduce those. Who did you pair with this week? Nobody? Go and do it now. You’ll make everything/anything you’re writing better.

3I am noticing more and more that I don’t deal well with noisy places. A friend and I planned to try out a mini-golf¹ course close to the office, because they’re a good person and I’m still in a bit of a heartbroken funk. Walking into the basement space the noise hit me like a faceful of bricks. I couldn’t focus on anything at all. It was a sudden and genuinely visceral reaction. Then, yesterday, I saw a few old friends² after the annual DaTCon and noticed it again. It could be tiredness; it could be emotional fatigue. But I’m concerned about this, because the world that I live in is noisy without cessation.

On the other hand, it would give me an excuse to join the Diogenes Club, a pursuit blocked only by its non-existence.

The sun has come out here, and I’m in shorts, so I’m going to leg it away home before it starts up again. This weekend I’m seeing my ex as we take our cat to the vet, and I’m nervous: we’re still tiptoeing around each other in a way that is objectively normal and subjectively ties your intestines in knots. Wish me luck.

And if you didn’t like this tweet the first time here’s your second opportunity³

⁰ Yes, you. Don’t look so surprised

¹ Dear vendors, crazy is a word that gets thrown at people with mental health issues and I find your use of it to describe putting greens with windmills on them slightly shitty

² And so, so many fresh and unknown faces

³ You Philistine

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