S02E22: Climactic finale

It’s been a long, long week

It’s finale week. A lot of threads have tied up, so I’m going to take two weeks off and review how I’m feeling. I might still publish stuff though since the recent flurry of reads on my non-fictional-fiction have given me a warm feeling about my own writing.


Things have happened

1I applied to the Future Leaders Scheme, a development scheme my organisation runs for people at my level of seniority. I found out on Wednesday that, thanks to multiple revisions of my statement from Morgan, Jenny, and others, I got through to the second round. Now it’s time for soul-measuring⁰ and testing my judgement. Should I pass those, I’ll get a regular old interview. I’m not certain I’ll be successful, but I’m really excited nonetheless. That’s definitely the big arc for the next season, if I get in.

2My code is so close to production I can taste it. I’m learning a lot, and that means it feels like I’m moving slowly and not delivering value. I should be happier that I’m learning things, and to a certain extent I know this. For example, I’m now comfortable enough with the language that I’ve offered to do a practise code interview with a friend’s mentee. Remotely. We live in a cool if moderately dystopian future.

3Relationship chat: so two months have passed and we’re…friendly? There’s loads of history but, at the same time, we’re sort of becoming friends again like we did so many years ago. It’s a very odd experience. I’m so happy about it: she is completely brilliant and having her support — and being able to support her — feels great. There’s still a huge grey area where affection for a friend could trip and fall face-first into the shark-infested waters of deeper affection, but I think we’re successfully avoiding that. That’s going to be a complex and evolving storyline over the next season.

I’m in a shark cage of emotion, and it’s probably best to stay in there

4Flat purchase is going ahead. I’m going to have a flat! In Zone 4, so far from central that I think it’s in another county.¹ I’ll have borrowed huge amounts from both the Government and a bank, but it’ll be 5.2% mine and that’s the important thing. It has been a long, boring, drawn out process involving a butt-ton of paper. There must be easier ways of doing this.

5It’s a small thing, but I took an hour out to help a colleague in a different team do some data analysis. They opened with “Let’s work with their API”, which I negotiated down to “Let’s do the analysis with tools we’ve already got”. We worked collaboratively and ended up using Google Sheets to meet all the user needs. It felt amazing and reminded me that we can do small things, things that seem simple, to make our colleagues lives significantly easier.

I also restrained myself and, instead of using some kind of bleeding edge serverless do-dad, actually met the user need. Go me. This must be maturity.

6My corporate project is building momentum. Hopefully this means another meeting next week with the next layer up to convince them to release some funds. In the meantime, here’s a peek at the prototype I made. It may still come to nothing, and it really has hammered home that I’m completely incapable of letting go of things, but: I’m angling to build a service, and the service might look like this:

Doesn’t it look…completely boring and useable?

This season has been rough, with that massive, mid-season upheaval. Some aspects of that event might make it into my writing in the next few weeks: with hindsight, parts of it seem so corny, so obviously directed by a heavy-handed hack director, that it would be impossible not to laugh. Stay tuned.

I love you all, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

⁰ Psychometric tests measure your soul, because your psyche is your soul. A psychopomp is a guider of souls. There. That’s a thing you know now.

¹ I just checked. It is.

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